środa, 24 lutego 2010

Home, sweet home

I adore lazy days when I stay at home and just cooking <3 I made delicious Tortilla wraps and Chicken from my recipe ;) And I baked jelly roll. My mum said that's the best cake in my baking history xD I know that I can be a homebody in future It sounds awful ;P I really don't know who I should be in future ! it makes me a bit nervous that I'm not sure about everything and I know that is one of the most important decision in my life. I dream that sb help me with that.

piątek, 19 lutego 2010

Everything and nothing.

Friday was definately a good day ;) I spent some time with Cleo :*** of course in a Cake shop <3 I love Apple pies they are the best and brownies that's my favourites ;)It's really funny when we talk about how we grew up and change. People change. xD
And I have pictures from my prom lalalalalaa. I don' t understand why I always crying on romantic comedy it's really embarassing I feel as an romantic idiot who shouldn't live nowadays. I have just seen 'The Rebound'.
'There may be miracles awaiting
They may be closer than we know
When we have love to guide us we go'

środa, 17 lutego 2010

My sister

I have just taken some photos of my sweet sister ;**** She can looks beautiful sometimes hihihihih I'm just kidding !! And Agacior is so excited that she will be on my blog <3
See Ya Soon ;**

niedziela, 14 lutego 2010

Valentine's day

My V-day actually started on Saturday :** We spent weekend at hotel and was totally awesome and magical. We ordered huge pizza with nachos- guite nice mix and go to the SPA sauna jacuzzi and so on- such a beautiful place. SPA is my love the best idea to relax and other stuff.. ;) We finally saw Berlin Calling I adore that film and 'the rest is silence'<3 On breakfast we ate my v- pie with berry jelly something like pudding and biscuits really yummy and I invented that recipe and then have gone on walk to the Love Bridge to see our padlock ;) I love that place I have good memories connected with it. Yeah and We ate dinner with my parents ;P and now I have just come from the cinema we were on 'Dear John' so sad and romantic and I was crying like on every romantic movie- shame on me. Nice one but I prefer more funny I reckon that v- day is happy day and we should watching funny films ;)
Tomorrow is the first day of school after winter holidays blee. I'm a bit depressed I have 60 days to my Matura exam and I should started learning and I keep don't know which study I should choose !
I love u all ;**

wtorek, 9 lutego 2010

Sushi time

lalalalalalala Happy happy I'm so happy ;) We made sushi together, I can cook and doing some stuff in the kitchen with my boy ;** without end. It's just fun ;P Yeah that was a good aspect of 2day, the worse one is that there is a possibility that I can have a ovarian cancer but I hope that it's no big deal.

poniedziałek, 8 lutego 2010

Winter Holiday !

My winter holiday are rather calm and I like it ;) We met with our friends and play Jenga and Scrabble and I had ate popcorn from microwave first time <3 and just talk. My K fell asleep, little sleepyhead <3 Finally I got my UGG's today I'm so happy, I started screaming and jumping around my house, Kamyk started laughing at me- as always ;)I'm a one big shopaholic and the worst thing is that I have to collect my money on my special Valentine's Mission :***

sobota, 6 lutego 2010


My Prom was totally perfect :***** thanks to my sweet K. He gave me a pink rose and a beautiful keyflower on my hand. We suited together ;) I had a small deja vu from primary school when we danced 'Polonez' together <3 I can't imagine that night better !! I was so happy and didn't see anybody beyond my bf, I'm proud of him because we danced almost all night and he claim that he can't dance but that is not true ;** I have never ever been happier ;P Unfortunately I haven't had photos yet but I will soon lalalalalal xD I made Tiramisu today for my family party, everybody say that I should open the cake shop :D so maybe one day u will hear sth about my cooking talent *modest* And to my sis I had a bra on that photo my little bunny ;* ;)