wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2010

K and I

Last day of my K's freedom and our second anniversary <3 That week was amazing we sightsaw Wroclaw, ate delicious donuts on the market with chocolate, were in the cinema where I can watch in 'Salt' my Angelina cause in our relationship I like her more :)I did Italian Polenta with tomatoes and Pecorino cheese, we drank Cidre from France ate Belgian chocolates and spetd lots of time together finally <3 Love you all

poniedziałek, 30 sierpnia 2010

Food photos

There are my photos of food which I prepare b4 our trip- yeah I'm a real woman from countrydide and can do the real cheese and Pumpernikiel bread ;) One day I had big feel like to eat Jewish salad that was my first time but was scrummy:P u can see how much my sister like it<3 so sweet..As I'm a real domestic goddes I baked cookies on our trip. Anzac biscuits with coconut and oatmeal and cookies with peanuts <3
How I earn on my beloved sony vaio? I worked in the shop.

France, France

I have to say that food in France had big meaning to me, cause I'm fascinated in France particular in Provence where I was last year and can't forget<3 France is divide on different cantons this year I was in Normandy which is famous for Camemberts,Livarots, delicious milk and yoghurts and Brittany where u can eat frutti di mare like mule in curry sauce,galettes (pancake from buckwheat flour for example with fried egg and a ham) and pancakes with sweet things. I tried fatty kouign aman and really like it sth like donut- much better<3 and we shouldn't forget 'bout Cidre- sth like apple wine but that triple has only 5% of alcohol so it's perfect for me ;). Etretat is definately worth seeing, known as alabaster coast, lots of painters spent their days on perpetuate such lovely view for example Monet, Corot.
St Michael is a rocky tidal island. Plenty of pelegrination visit that place every year. Maybe one day I will one of them :P What I can say I'm in love in France<3

Second day of our trip

Next day we went to Caen in France.B4 our leaving we stopped in small cosy chineese restaurant- which is our tradition on vacation to try different kinds of chineese cuisine on aperitif we always order wan tan soup and then compare them ;)We sightsaw famous Juno beach and my favourite one- Monet's garden where I running with my camera and admiring beauty of flowers:D His house was so perfect in country french style<3 I'm totally in love.

czwartek, 26 sierpnia 2010


I'm back!! My holiday last definately too short but I saw so many things. Maybe I started from Brussels- capitol of Belgium. The city is too modern for me full of glass buildings but the market is definately lovely. Plenty of small shops with belgian pralines and laces. And of course I tried famous belgian waffle <3 but I'm the one who really liked it ;) And of course well known to everybody Manneken pis but I thought that boy is much bigger.

poniedziałek, 2 sierpnia 2010

Pizza and the all that stuff

So many of my friends ask me why my blog is only 'bout cooking.. and I don't know what should I response. Maybe my work take my life ;)
K invited me on the real date- surprise <3 and was totally magical. He found best romantic place ever in my style with delicious iced tea. I haven't seen such place in Wroclaw b4. After cold aperitif we change place and drink mojito- K's favourite drink. That was perfect day and I made delicious pizza. U can c my broccoli soup (my sweet sister- belly-god and her perfect breakfast with garlic butter toasts)and my the newest unfortunately cake for my aunt's b- day. Pineapple cheesecake totally recommend that.