niedziela, 31 października 2010

Piece of me

Hi guys :******
I really haven't had time to uploading and writing and what's the worse to do photos ! I must change it. My study life if plenty of new experiences and know new phenomenon in physics a bit awful but I have positive approach :)
I'm in love with healthy cuisine and Japaneese Bento.
My K has Mature Exam this year so we see each other very seldom :( but he's my driver *stupidgirl*
ANd found my old holiday photos so good memories..
I totally fascinated in Buscaglii Book: LIVING, lOVING, lEARNING
'Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.'
'What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.'
Leo Buscaglia

wtorek, 12 października 2010

Kamyk's birthday !

I'm a real student;) I have been always dreamt about going at my unniversity with thermo-bodum mug much more adult *superficial* meet amazing people and learning difficult things which are real challenge *stupid*.
The newest things which change in my life:
I don't eat meat, very seldom fish ( in sushi) I'm in love with vegetables seaweed, nuts and fruit We have an affair all together.
Kamyk's birthday are today so I made him a surprise, went to his school with balloons, Sacher Torte and Present- glass shaker- his dream <3 :*
I gotta go :***

wtorek, 5 października 2010

It's time for study!

I had some problems to upload my photos so that's my really old ones. I started study I feel so
adult going on pitches with one writing case and I change my outfit style I prefer more casual clothes than b4. I hope I meet lots of nice people
Kisses :*