poniedziałek, 29 listopada 2010

Baking time, winter time

My dearest I have just spent the best 'Andrzejki' since I remember ;) The whole Friday I worked in the kitchen baking: chocolate zucchini cake- for me perfect, deeply chocolate, if u like Brownie's u definately will love that cake <333
'Pychotka' when u try u feel air from heaven, my family fell in love me too but I prefer chocolate they're more ladylike ;)

I'm so happy. Ok I gotta go K is waiting we're going to fight. Winter came. 'Snow is falling all around me'

piątek, 19 listopada 2010

Celebrating moments

I'm so excited Zycha & I are going to c HP in the cinema- that's our tradition. Always together :) Maybe I'll take some photos.. we haven't had any since our crazy time when we were bad girls <3 Gotta go.Kisses:**

wtorek, 16 listopada 2010

Shades of Autumn

Autumn- perfect time for energy breakfasts, long walks in parks and gossip with my charming Zycha :**** We spent lovely sleepover together just chatting, laughing, eating, drinking forest fruit tea with lots of honey. Adore such moments. I keep working with redecorating my room and I can't wait to show u my b4 & after pictures lalalala. I'm so excited, have new ideas *dreamer* but for now u can see only my super floral pillows on one photo :)
I'm so happy with my studying it's really hard working and challenging to change my old bad habits- like truancy and morning coffee in Starbucks- bye bye caffein.
Love u all.

piątek, 12 listopada 2010

I'm spoiling myself

Hello my darlings :***
Just I said I had to cut down my baking 'cause of my family. So I started spoiling myself like breakfast in bed ;) Something totally magical u feel like a princess unfortunately prince is sleeping not in my bed.
Autumn came and lots of leaves flys around the park I enjoyed that but it's too cold for me. I definately prefer hot summer days and freezing coctails from my favourite fruit- mango. That's why every cold day I dream to live in the magical land where is the perfect weather 24/7