środa, 30 czerwca 2010


I'm a genius !! I have really good results from my mature exam I am so proud of myself *modest* I had to celebrate it so I baked (of course) yeasty rolls with cinammon, strawberry and with apples and I did small 'bajaderka' I don't know how it called in english. I'm so full of sweets -yummy and a champagne- present from my K <3. He's totally sweet and I don't pay tribute him as I should ;( I have to think the perfect present for him and totally magical ;P so happy !!

wtorek, 29 czerwca 2010

express holiday

I'm back ! It was totally cold there for me I was wearing plenty of sweatshirts and jumpers ;) We had so challenging plan. First day we were all day in the mountain. We did the Kamieńczyk Waterfall,Hala Szrenicka, Szrenica, Trzy świnki, Wielki Szyszak, Śnieżne Kotły and Łabski Szczyt where we ate my favourite Bigos <3 I adore mountains you&nature and my boyfriend ;D I felt as a small kid who ate porridge with prunes everyday but that's one of the best breakfast I have ever eaten.

poniedziałek, 21 czerwca 2010

Love shrimps

I keep have feel like Frutti di mare food recently. So today I fried shrimps' shish kebab and green salad I made Guacamole mexican paste to Nachos, Bread and grilled squids- my idea <3 ;) I can't wait K&I going to go to the mountain. Hello adventure!!We're leaving on Wednesday :****

niedziela, 20 czerwca 2010

Dad's birthday

Today was my Dad's birthday party <33 I made a surprise in Asian style. I cooked a soup with bamboo, Mung beansprouts, Mun mushroom, Miso paste etc I baked Strawberry Tart with chocolate. Unfortunately I didn't document it 'cause it was to yummy *shh* and I made up sushi. Finally I have my white HTC Dream and K&I learn how to do everything on the Android system just sitting in Starbucks drinking hot Tazo tea and looking for perfect recipe for tomorrow.. I'm so excited my vacation are perfect. Oh and u can c my sweet sister with chop-sticks.. <3

sobota, 12 czerwca 2010

Perfect date

Aaaaa I have the best boyfriend in the world <33 He invited me on sushi. It was so romantic and fab, sitting with him and savour..We spend totally magical evening and I don't regret any moment spended with my K. I know some people are disapointed 'cause I changed, I used to be crazy and going to the parties and now I prefer homing, cooking baking and just nice chat with my friends. I feel better and that's the most important for me :PP
Tomorrow I'm going to paint my walls.. I mean K will paint my walls *lol* Oh and I started working *shh..* and I came back to running and yoga and biking finally :****

wtorek, 8 czerwca 2010

Vegetarian dish

I haven't written 'cause I was in The tropical islands in Germany <3333 Plenty of waterslides,palms, beach and that what I adore the most: wellness. Paradise under the roof. Unfortunately I can't bake but I started my journey with cooking I fried chick peas chop- my first time with vegetarian dish. I have to go I'm looking for furniture to my bedroom :) I spend all my money to change my room and can't buy new clothes, it sound awful but I feel bad when I'm wearing last season clothes

wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

Goodbye my sweet cakes

I have to say goodbye to baking cakes 'cause my mum forfend me. My sis has really bad medical analyses and it's for her health;( Goodbye delicious cakes!! So tomorrow I'll started cooking and doing healthy salads. Children's Day was amazing K gave me different kinds of tea <3 I love drinking tea and a white rose ;***** And my family ate Pizza together, was very familiar<3 and of course my last cake- Buche de noel. My new favourite one: chocolate sponge cake with 'budyń', chocolate and bacardi cream. My K fell in love with 'Buche de noel' so do I.
Kisses :*****