sobota, 11 września 2010

Happy birthday my sweet sister !

On Friday was my sister's birthday so I cooked her the best french puree which she ever eaten :P and baked lovely muffins with perfect plum-grapes- vanilla jam from one of my friend <3 Today I baked her the best apple pie in the world so crispy and melting in the mouth and did vanilla ice cream. Idefinately recommend it <3 I'm so exhausted 'cause of cleaning and everything. Kisses :***

czwartek, 9 września 2010

I want my sun.

I have lots of free time and I started to be a perfect housewife :) Every day I buy fresh vegetables, cook dinner, bring sandwiches to my bf school. I was on the first ballet lesson *scared*. I'm proud of my perfect thin & soft pancakes <3 but I prefer with Nutella and strawberry jam or with Maple sos *yummmy*. I really miss hot summer days I hate grey sky but I can eat Ice Amarena Kirsch Lindt chocolate with hot tea and dream 'bout sun.