poniedziałek, 31 stycznia 2011

Lovely Weekend

Weekend was amazing plenty of delicious food, familiar and finally I played Monopoly <3 I have 10 days to learn to my exam but for now I started running so happy! 13 km or 6 depends on the day, love that I dream about start in marathon, maybe one day... and I was iceskating <3 sorry but I'm excited. There are some things which I enjoy like a child. Today I fell in love with the sapphire jewellery- so classy.

czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

Life lover

I'm so excited I feel wonderful when I'm a pressing student it's totally new feeling after my past and being the skipper. Today was one of those days which adore- walking with K to the antiquarian bookshop (bought Maths book <3 )I started my adventure with salt dough, and baked my family favourite Poppy seed cake and finally finished 'Persuation' next of Jane Austen book.

czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011


After hard week it's time to rest and finally spend some time with K <3. Did I mention that he's the best guy I've ever met?:* After my last test today he was waiting with a small box present: two tickets on the 'Black Swan' Since I heard 'bout this movie I've dreamt to watch it.' Requiem for a dream' is unforgettable for me- maybe u know why. Besides, I love ballet, classic music and tutu. I can't wait. Finally had time to read 'Pride and Prejudice' time to next Jane Austen book.

wtorek, 18 stycznia 2011


Last Saturday I went to the prom with my lovely K :) It was my firth one. I was really excited, finally I could wear my high heels and princess dress which I adore *superficial* I love such parties when men wear tuxedo <3 I did plenty of photos to people from his class so I pretend I'm a photographer. The nice surprise were raw vegetable and fruits on the swedish buffet <3 Recently, I start my day with carrot juice- better than coffee! Maybe that's why my skin is so peachy. and I'm smitten with fresh fruits& vegetable. I met my bf Claudia who was with her nice friend.
I should learn machine devices, there's hard time on my studies and I really don't have time even on my K or iceskates.
Wish me good luck tomorrow :***

piątek, 14 stycznia 2011

Friday dinner date

I've just came home from romantic date with K. My life change completely since K has a Car- "Renata" - we baptised her ;) I have my own private chauffeur and really like it, feel like a princess :**** Sushi is our perfect meal we adore spending time together making sushi and today was the day of our future inspiration. Fell in love with Genmaicha- japan green tea called popcorn tea in slang 'cause of roasted rice taste. Besides, the weather was perfect to start reading 'Pride and Prejudice'- Jane Austen book, I've no idea why I didn't read it b4 so funny and romantic- my style.

czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011

The easiest things are the best !

The easiest things are the best ! - That's my new Cooking motto. That's why I baked on my mum's birthday the most classic cake and her favourite- Black& white cake. When I was a little girl after shopping we took break in the small cake shop "Babeczka" and she always ordered that cake <3 I fell in love with cheesecakes- they're so creamy I betrayed my beloved chocolate. I've eaten too much so I'm planning small detox like breaking up with cakes till 14 February -Valentine's day <3
On Saturday I have my fourth prom in my life it sounds so funny :)Ok I have to go- I'm planning buy new mirror to my romantic bedroom. Kisses

niedziela, 2 stycznia 2011

Happy 2011

Lalalalal Happy 2011! My New Years Eve was very relaxed with my best friends Zycha& Kasper and with my K of course <3 We ate Zucchini cream soup, pizza,Pischinger-especially for me :) salad and 3 chocolate cakes, yes we're totally chocoholics. My sweet Z was born 20 years ago on the 31 December :). I reckon that Jenga is our tradition, it's definately hit !! I haven't had any new years wishes I don't believe in that, if I want change sth in my life I' ll do it immy. Besides, I'm really happy right now. I would like to really thanks for:
* Parents- I'm thankful that they brought me up, show me what's good and bad
* My boyfriend who is the best person I have ever met, patient my beloved.
* My charming sister. We'll be the best friends in future.
* Faith- in people, god, in ourselves, just faith
* Family and friends who really supported me.
* Ice skating- I'm in love with them
* Carrot Juice and fruit, vegetable- so good
* Cakes and sweets
* Everything.
Kisses :*