czwartek, 29 lipca 2010

Housewife- my future job . Just kidding..

I got my salary today *happy* I have 12 days of work and I'm free and going probably to France <3 I cooked pepper with rice, mushroom, mincemeat, onion and garlic so aromatic <3 Today I feel like to eat jelly but I did sth like pudding
Banana pudding:
one banana, 1 tea spoon of honey, cinnamon, milk and agar- agar. Put banana and milk to the blender, shake it and then boil in the pot and mix with agar- agar. It's totally delicious ;**
See Ya :*

wtorek, 27 lipca 2010

Tiramisu dessert

Fast Note cause I gotta run to the shop with curtains- Yeah I keep working on changing my bedroom. As I promised I uploud my probably lasts high calorie desserts- cause of my family. But probably I will do domestic fruit jelly and healthy desserts so calm down *lol*. Today I'm going to the vapiano with my whole family to celebrate my aunt's n- day <3 I count days to real vacation I have 14 days of work still but it's closer end than begining :** I'm in love in Pavlova cakes, I can create my own delicate cakes like this one with melting chocolate cream and bananas <3 Tiramisu ice cream dessert is perfect to surprise your family they never stop admiring u <3
Kisses :*

niedziela, 25 lipca 2010

Lunch with K

I feel so relaxed..I spent day with K and my kitchen <3. He brought projector and we had cinema in my house <3 We saw '9'- scary fairy and he laughed at me 'cause I jump up on the horrible scenes and then he hugged me. We ate lunch: greek salad with original feta and yeast buns with nut's butter and nutella and I did bananas' ice cream and Pavlova with chocolate and bananas and Tiramisu ice cream- dessert- but they are in freezer right now <3 I can't wait to eat them *lol* and I did a hot chocolate so many chocolate things..but I decided that I'm ending with doing desserts it's not healthy for me and my family I should cut it down. So probably I'll bake sth on the special occasion xD I'm starting cooking it's a big challenge for me ! Tomorrow I upload my latest desserts' photo I hope so. Oh and K is the best barman in the world he's doing the best drinks I have ever drunk <3

sobota, 24 lipca 2010

Norwegian Buns

I'm so tired after 13 hours of working but I have motivation I wanna buy sony vaio from my salary ;) It's strange feeling when u come home after hard day and finally understand urs parents, they don't have power to do anything. Ok maybe except making a domestic nut's butter ;P which looks like a poo but taste like heaven <3 Perfect for Norwegian Buns which I baked yesterday. I'm out of stamina <3 Kisses :* u can find recipe in the comment

piątek, 23 lipca 2010


I have big jump on sugar in my blood today so I feel like to eat everything with chocolate.. I want to bake big cake and make a chocolate icecream and peanut butter.. but have to wait for my parents with products ;* and ate lots of apricot jam with butter *lol* I cooked healthy dinner something between hungarian Leczo and french Ratatouille with Tabasco and hot pepper <3. Perfect for sunny days but the weather is depressing;( Ideal to being in bed watching soft comedy and eating yeast cake with nutella and drinking milk from the box *shame* Love u:*<3 u can see fast dessert: nectarine with honey, maple sos and sesame from roaster.

poniedziałek, 19 lipca 2010

Buckwheatgroats with mushrooms

I woke up with the feel like I want to eat buckwheat groats ;) I' ve just found in the Pasaż healthier one - (not burned?)and mix mushrooms with parsley and onion and buckwheat groats and create sth healthy and perfect. I adore eating healthy I feel satisfaction that I know what I'm eating maybe except cakes which I eat away ;**** Unfortunately my parents forfend me baking so much so I have to start cooking more ;)Kisses for my lovely bf who change my banner <3 Oh and I started giving my recipes to previous notes in the comments, check them if u want.

piątek, 16 lipca 2010

Pikeperch with salad

It's so hot outside perfect days for swimming and sunbathing. Unfortunately some of us working ;) But maybe we'll go somewhere tomorrow-will see. Today I cooked pikeperch and salad with rucola, beetroots' leaves and pine nuts. I dream about big shake from forest fruits <3

niedziela, 11 lipca 2010

My birthday

It were hard days. I came from 13 hours working to my home yesterday and started baking my 'Bounty' cake, Pavlova cake and Patissiere creme to eclairs. My family like the most Pavlova- meringue bottom with my cream and blueberry <3 Perfect cake for summer. I have feel like on the cocoa so my favourite is definately Bounty but eclairs are perfect and cream with nut moonshine <3 My mum fried french crepes with spinach, mushroom and mexican ones. I'm full of food and I got Encyclopedia of Italian cuisine<3 K totally spoil me <3 I'm going to study my new lecture - the cookbook :*

piątek, 9 lipca 2010

Lucky time !

Aaaaa I'm a student of the Nurture's Technology. Totally happy!! I baked rasberry cake and ate half of my masterpiece *shame on me*. I work every day and it's hard to keep riding a bike and learning to cook and I have just got the best birthday present in the world from my boyfriend who bought me Blender and crusher to ice and finally I can making vegetable coctails and real Bloody Mary <3 K totally surprised me <3 He's definately the best guy in the world shh.. ;* Tomorrow I'm working the whole day and that's my birthday:( but on Sunday we celebrate my B-day with family and K of course. And I'm going to bake lots of things u'll see...
My new love is turnip and that's my perfect salad <3

niedziela, 4 lipca 2010

Domestic ice cream

I'm totally in love with ice cream I made 'krówka' taste sth like caramel but much better and mint with chocolate. Domestic ice cream are so delicious that I dunno if I will ever have feel like to buy one from the shop. There's so big difference for me- gourmand <3 I adore making, cooking up sweets that's my life and I can keep talking 'bout new ideas it might be tiring...;) I baked Crumble with nectarines- typical english cake. English cakes often looks awful but taste yummy like english puddings. I try to start cooking but my mum is Queen of dinners. Her meals are perfect she's so talented. I made sth strange with mung beans u can see on the photo ;) Between soup and sauce. Tomorrow I have to get up very early 'cause of my work *excited*