niedziela, 4 lipca 2010

Domestic ice cream

I'm totally in love with ice cream I made 'krówka' taste sth like caramel but much better and mint with chocolate. Domestic ice cream are so delicious that I dunno if I will ever have feel like to buy one from the shop. There's so big difference for me- gourmand <3 I adore making, cooking up sweets that's my life and I can keep talking 'bout new ideas it might be tiring...;) I baked Crumble with nectarines- typical english cake. English cakes often looks awful but taste yummy like english puddings. I try to start cooking but my mum is Queen of dinners. Her meals are perfect she's so talented. I made sth strange with mung beans u can see on the photo ;) Between soup and sauce. Tomorrow I have to get up very early 'cause of my work *excited*

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