wtorek, 30 marca 2010


I'm in love with spelt pasta I can eat it everyday ;) I like the most with broccoli and garlic- yummy.Theese days I keep meeting with K so I don't have time to anything ;)We have shorter classes so we have more time to each other ]:-> And I can't stop shopping ofc. I have totally underwear oniomania <3<3

niedziela, 21 marca 2010

Totally busy week

I had totally busy week I sightsaw Warsaw with Cleo I definately prefer Wroclaw than our capitol. We had very hectic schedule. the most interesting was 'Metro' performance in Buffo. I adore Theatre Ballet and Opera and when everything is mixed then I love it !! We were in Seym nothing interesting maybe that I'm not keen on politic. I like Warsaw Mermaid but she has small tits xD and I'm proud of my new mint green thongs from TOP SHOP*crazy* When I came to my home I was extremaly tired but There was worth it xD We had with K guite lazy Saturday we just walking around Ostrów Tumski and taking plenty of photos <3333
Cleo and I had sleepover and I was a bit drunk- Tequila Sunrise is quilty and my head too!! We had ' Bezsenność' in her house *rolling on the floor*.
And 2day K&I was on the "Interior Festival" and we watched fabulous furniture and fountains to our future house yhym ;)And he gave me sweet heart necklace :*****
BTW that's my new favourite photo of K <3

piątek, 12 marca 2010

In the rush

That was one of the most crazy trip I have ever been. I dunno why but when we are together I mean Cleo and I we always have adventures. We were in Czestochowa on the peregrination and firstly I was totally pissed because we had to sing stupid song and pretent a kids so I guit this place and find cosier one We sightsaw the city and people there are completely different than in Ww. People here are more rural, when I asked 52 year old men
-Is there any market here?
-Yes but open only on Friday till 12- wtf ? I can't depict my whole story because it's full of english humour and probably I will the one who understand that.
I bought delicious deli from Consonni and above is my dinner-brown pasta and spinach which I made for my K, my must have cosmetics- new love vibrating mascara <3 My new white photogenic bowl- adore.
Give my best regards to my artificial friends .u know that I know.

piątek, 5 marca 2010

Alice Alice Alice!

I have just seen Aice In Wonderland but I'm a bit disapointed there isn't happy end and the movie isn't in 100% Tim Burton style. I adore Johny Depp acting he's totally fabulous <3 I don't understand why they choose Anne Hathaway ???? She is so stiff for me. Quite nice but I did't feel that atmosphere. Tomorrow I'm going to take photos of my boys chests ;))))

środa, 3 marca 2010

My new love

My new love !! Pink Converse Sneakers <3333 I adore them that was love from first sight :P I had to buy them. I can't resist them :***** I want to win a competition I took part in so many and nothing ;( I'm afraid that bad luck knocked to my house :P
Do you wanna kiss under my mistletoe ?call me :D

poniedziałek, 1 marca 2010

Spring came to town

I have just read 'Mars and Venus Together Forever: Relationship Skills for Lasting Love' and I must say that John Gray is cool he wrote the best book I have ever read about relationships and a Woman <3 and I definately write to him to thank you ;) Really I'm impressed! I spent nice this weekend and K gave me a bouquet of lollipops flowers -sweet and I draw him a big card because of our anniversary 1,5 year it's an anniversary isn't it ?;P And my monkey climb a tree and took the mistletoe -which hanging in my bedroom now ;)so crazy ;D it was guite nice maybe except my taking offence. I feel spring in the air and I'm waking up from my winter nap :PP