piątek, 12 marca 2010

In the rush

That was one of the most crazy trip I have ever been. I dunno why but when we are together I mean Cleo and I we always have adventures. We were in Czestochowa on the peregrination and firstly I was totally pissed because we had to sing stupid song and pretent a kids so I guit this place and find cosier one We sightsaw the city and people there are completely different than in Ww. People here are more rural, when I asked 52 year old men
-Is there any market here?
-Yes but open only on Friday till 12- wtf ? I can't depict my whole story because it's full of english humour and probably I will the one who understand that.
I bought delicious deli from Consonni and above is my dinner-brown pasta and spinach which I made for my K, my must have cosmetics- new love vibrating mascara <3 My new white photogenic bowl- adore.
Give my best regards to my artificial friends .u know that I know.

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