piątek, 24 grudnia 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of u guys. I love that holiday so familiar and that beautiful colours- red & green <3 My mum made beautiful centerpiece - u can see on the photo with our christmas dishes <3 She's really talented. I baked two cakes and lots of cookies. I'm so excited I haven't known b4 about tradition of christmas tree that wooden is for Jezus Crucifix. This year I totally feel Christmas that magic maybe cause I'm a better person than a year ago ;)so happy. Kisses.

sobota, 11 grudnia 2010

It's cold in here

The colder is here the much more cakes I bake. I have poppy obsession I can eat it everyday. Colourful cake was combination of cocoa, poppy and cherries Perfect for children then u can use special colours., Poppy cake with mixture of dried fruits and nuts- totally recommend that, cake is really easy to do and looks like u spend the whole day in the kitchen :) The biggest surprise were definately Cookies with M&M's. I thought maybe M&M's are good but in cookies ? Yes in cookies they are melting&crunching in ur mouth both. AFter eating them people will love u forever <3 Italian cake was baked especially for my mum who loves Italian desserts, for me that cake is too casual.