piątek, 30 kwietnia 2010

Wish me good luck..

Hello guys !! I probably should started learn to my mature exam but I just can't focus. Today was Klaudia's birthday barbecue party but of course I forgot my camera. I baked her something like Pavlowa-chocolate meringue with white chocolate and whipped cream with strawberry- looked sweet and tasted totally awesome ;D I can't wait to my the longest vacation ever :) And after my exams I will take definately more photos I have so many ideas...

czwartek, 29 kwietnia 2010

French Pastry

I have totally cooking affection I must bake,feel better when I can mix spices and try is that taste properly :) Today I was so enwrapped of baking that I forgot about my graduation and of course had to be late.
Sometimes I have the days when I constantly dream about my future : job, room, house and I'm far away I like that state of mind- so magical. On the other hand, I can again and again talking and planning and I know that I will do it ! but probably it's tired for K. Probably that's 'cause I'm anxious and I keep want more although I'm really happy ;P

środa, 28 kwietnia 2010

Banana- Chocolate muffins

That's my own Banana- chocolate muffins with 'Delicje' or chocolate with Almonds it depends what do u like more :P
I'm so happy I'm finally coming down my school and tomorrow I will be after my graduation !! I really regret that we haven't tradition to throwing away our mortarboards- adore that so american and I love everything what's american and french-'true patriot'.
I have just finished 'Leap Year' Next romantic comedy <3 Probably I'm not good company to watch movies I like only old movies, romance, romantic comedy, fairy tales and drama sometimes. 'Happy endings never bored me'
I had to add that small shop with souvenirs from Provence I'm totally in love in Provence style, Lavender and countryside <3

niedziela, 25 kwietnia 2010

I'm totally in love

My sweet K totally surprised me today and gave me heart charms which I adore<3<3 I love him so much...And my sister is jealous and says that I'm extremaly lucky...I know ;P I haven't had lots of time 'cause Zycha is coming to me to sleepover. Yeah today I was baking too. Yeast rolls with poppy and almonds- delicious much better than from the cake shop *modest* Poppy with butter is really yummy *shhh..*
And my really old photo..

piątek, 23 kwietnia 2010

Cooking & Holiday memories

Cooking day part two-or How not to learn to mature exam xD Yeah I cooked dinner delicate butters' spinach and cod with parsley I adore spinach I can eat it everyday ;) I felt bored and had to do so I've decided to bake maringue cake but I change the recipe and it's sth like Toblerone chocolate bottom, white chocolate whipped cream and pine apples on the top ;D And I was on the walking with Cleo but she puts up with me she said I'm from fairy tale and she can't watch how happy I am and how can I be so happy in relationship [?!] Maybe I am the [pirate]princess. There are my old photos above from my Vacation in France, Provence that one in Lavender and in Cannes with Valentino window shopping,when I see that photo I always started laughing 'cause I bring to mind 'Confessions Of a Shopaholic'
u know I Love u :*

czwartek, 22 kwietnia 2010

Cooking all day

Today was defninately the cooking day ;) I saw that I have 5 bananas and decided to fry bananas' pancakes with cinnamon and maple sos- my favourite <3 After few hours I feel like to eat marzipapan so I prepair almonds and sugar and baked marzipan muffins with chocolate <33 I haven't had time to do new photos so I found old one with some kind of history which I like :) Oh I have to admit that I'm set aside money now because I want to redecorate my bedroom -vintage style. I'm in love in vintage and I'm a romantic soul and know that's it's suits to me better than my DJs furinure. It's really hard for me because I adore spending money ;) I can afford on the new bed but unfortunately without mattress ;/ I haven't idea that mattresses are so expensive...I can't wait to make- over ;D Stupid girl..

niedziela, 18 kwietnia 2010

I love my life

My weekend was totally awesome :) I was on the one of the best home party I have ever been. And play for the first time 'sing star' love it! and I won competition with K <3 but I can't sing at all!!
*Above my cinnamons' muffins with Nutella and bickys with cranberries

czwartek, 15 kwietnia 2010

Total mess

So that's my collection of my pants I'm so bored because I was ill and I couldn't got out from my house ;)On that photo you can't see all of them but I have lots of panties ;D I have just done the tuna salad and cranberry dough and I have to wait 2 hours but probably I baked them in the morning because I'm going to the something like barbecue party tomorrow and I'm so excited. I have really strange mania I want to spend all of my days baking and cooking and I have idea for my magic future. I want to open my own cake shop *crazy* And now I'm really sure about my decision as never :P and I'm totally happy but I should startd to learn - stupid me.
Kisses my sweathearts ;**

niedziela, 11 kwietnia 2010

I want my vacation !!

My city died because of tragedy.. It's such a boring time everything is closed and it's rainy. Perfect time for learning but I'm to lazy for that ;) K&I invited Kasper and Zycha for sushi which we made and had fun together.It was ridiculous to watch how Kasper get out surimi from maki because he doesn't like. K gave me the sweetest pillow I have ever seen with colourfull cupcakes. My new love <3333 Give me the sun and holiday tan!!

sobota, 10 kwietnia 2010

Rollercoaster of love

Funfair is in our city so we(Zycha Kasper Kamyk Sonia and I) went there. I admit that I adore Funfairs and was in lots of them in France Germany and Italy. Rollercoasters are my favourite ones.. I love adrenaline lalalala my K was the first time and he was so scared xD and I bought Chewing Gums' cigarettes I always dreamt about them ;)
I have to go :****

poniedziałek, 5 kwietnia 2010

Happy up here

You know I really like it,
I know I'll always be here.
You know it makes my heart beat,
You know I'm happy up here.

Won't you walk to me?
Just bring it on!
That's the Garden of Eden,
Are you ready for it?

Won't you walk to me?
Just bring it on!
That's the Garden of Eden,
I'm ready for it!

You know I really like it,
I know I'll always be here.

Whatever you do, whatever you say,
Nothing can push the feeling away.
It's here in my heart, and it's here in my head,
I feel like a part of a book I read.
On every page and every paper,
Seem to be part of human nature.
Sending me back down memory lane,
I fade down the track on this pain again.

You know I really like it,
I know I'll always be here,
You know it makes my heart beat.

I love that song <3 Perfect 4 2day.
I saw 'My Fair Lady' with fabulous Audrey Hepburn she's so charming I adore old movies, They have some kind of magic which I can't find in present films.
K&I walked around the city and just laughing <3 He's really funny :**