czwartek, 28 stycznia 2010

u know I love u

I have just finished my mature conspectus I'm so tired and dream about big bath with bubbles <3 I spend some time with children from orphanage and we painted red cars trees and flowers guite nice but I don't feel vocation to do that- a bit at sea ;) but I had a special fairy outfit!! lalaal. Tomorrow is the last day of my school so happy ! ! Love love love ;***

poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010


I have just come from my sister ballet performance- beautiful. I love the way she move, she's really talented. I would like to take some photos of her but now she is taking offence because we hadn't wanted to go to Vapiano- her favourite pizzeria xD And I adore ballet tutu. my prom dress is one big inspiration of tutu and a lil bit Barbie<3 I saw every Barbie movie and my favourite one is 'Barbie as the island princess' shame on me, I know I'm childish but I like that part of me it's nice to feel sometimes as a little kid ;)Fables are my hobby and thanks to it I see the world colorful, full of magic and happy endings maybe it is not always good ;). I baked today English chocolate pudding which is not looks like pudding but I didn't have special form. And I annex lovely Apple pie from my K <33

Chocolate Puding

a cup of flour
1/2 cup of powdered sugar
4 spoons cocoa
pinch of salt
3 spoons baking powder
a cup of milk
85g butter
2 eggs
vanilla sugar
brown sugar
hot water
mix ingredients(melt butter)
25 min 180C
And the pudding is perfect- wet&spicy <3


czwartek, 21 stycznia 2010

muffin day !!

It's my name day today so I baked chocolate muffins for myself hiihihi. ;)
Chocolate Muffins

250g flour
2 tea spoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon soda
2 spoons cocoa
175g powdered sugar
cup of chocolate chips
250 ml milk
90 ml vegetable oil
1 egg
2 teasponns vanilla sugar

mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately. Mix them together.Pour the mix into your buttered muffin pan, filling each cup two-thirds full.
Bake for 20 ( I baked only 16)minutes in 200 C.
Bon Appetit <3 Totally Delicious. Oh it's time for my chemistry ;*

niedziela, 17 stycznia 2010

I want apple pie!

I haven't had time to write a lot because of school it was last days of this term I hate that part of time I must learn and drink plenty of coffee ;) I met with Kasper he's on photos and probably he'll kill me when he see himself here xD I'm so tired I keep thinking about my future what would I do? It's very important to me cause I want to be happy and job is connected with my future feelings and money hihihih.Today I want to study business psychology :D. My girls think only about prom and their amazing dresses- they're so skinny <3 Oh and I will have a violet dress like a ballet dancer I'm so excited I have always dream about such dress and my dream come true xD I'm in love with pies and I have to bake apple or blueberry one <3 so delicious!! cya ;*

niedziela, 10 stycznia 2010

My weekend

I'm totally exhausted and totally happy with my K Aaaaaa <3 We were looking for suit to prom and we founded grey- gorgeous and I will probably have violet dress but I'm not sure hahhaha I can't wait to c K in suit when he'll come to my house so romantic and perfect moment and my mum should take some photos of happy couple xD MY friend Zuza took some photos of me and K I enclose so of them. I have to say that I proud of myself I baked extremely difficult cake for my mum. I have to absolutely document my masterpiece. Cya ;**

niedziela, 3 stycznia 2010

Sleepover <3

My last day of my freedom is going to the end ! I wanna have longer holiday!! My K and I watched 'Gone with the wind' yesterday so beautiful and romantic film he said it was quite static but I don't agree with him ;)and of course we started fighting I love when he pretend that he's someone else ( like a bad man)I can't stop laughing then. I had sleepover in Cleo's house and her maybe future borfriend gave me a lift to her he's so polite I have just met him and I feel like I have known him for years such a nice boy hihihhihi I hope that my C will finally have sb ;* I adore night talking with Cleo we totally get on well sometimes we don't need the words. Because happy endings never bored me we saw 'Ugly truth'.The scene when she wore a vibrating pants was the best and we decided that we have to buy them too *lol* we can't miss such pleasure xD I like C, when I say: let's dance that's my favourite song we started to dance at 3 at night on ours mattresses We're two kids who love fun. Aaaaa I'm so in love with K and when I remember that scene on NYE
K: What a jackass think that when he insert a tea spoon to the bottle of champaign the sparkles wouldn't run away?
Me: I dunno but I have always thought that it's true
K: oh come on why you think so? it's such a bullshit. that has no sense.
At that moment appear our friend D
K: Did you insert that tea spoon here?
D: Yes, in order to sparkling don't run away
I can't tell you that, it was really funny ;)

piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Happy New Year !!

Aaaaa we have 2010 !!!! Cheers !! That week was amazing I kept asking my K to go to the sauna and he always refused me but on Wednesday he said yes and we had perfect day in Wellnes oh I totally love it like on vacation ;) Hot sauna and cold swimming pool naked- so crazy. I thought I spend New Year's eve on the Zycha's birthday party[HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING] but unfortunately I couldn't be there and I did small party with sushi in my house. I made cheesecake with my recipe with 'delicje' I don't know how it called in english and with crakers I adore my cake <3 We played Jenga- that's really funny especially after a few drinks when you have shaking hands hihi. We did cabaret with Cleo I had artificial freckles and we had night talk about life and emotional childhood. Oh and my K gave me Eiffel Tower Charm so sweet <3. And Today We were on Avatar so frantic and the Cameron has to have good head to create such crazy world.