niedziela, 17 stycznia 2010

I want apple pie!

I haven't had time to write a lot because of school it was last days of this term I hate that part of time I must learn and drink plenty of coffee ;) I met with Kasper he's on photos and probably he'll kill me when he see himself here xD I'm so tired I keep thinking about my future what would I do? It's very important to me cause I want to be happy and job is connected with my future feelings and money hihihih.Today I want to study business psychology :D. My girls think only about prom and their amazing dresses- they're so skinny <3 Oh and I will have a violet dress like a ballet dancer I'm so excited I have always dream about such dress and my dream come true xD I'm in love with pies and I have to bake apple or blueberry one <3 so delicious!! cya ;*

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