piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Happy New Year !!

Aaaaa we have 2010 !!!! Cheers !! That week was amazing I kept asking my K to go to the sauna and he always refused me but on Wednesday he said yes and we had perfect day in Wellnes oh I totally love it like on vacation ;) Hot sauna and cold swimming pool naked- so crazy. I thought I spend New Year's eve on the Zycha's birthday party[HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING] but unfortunately I couldn't be there and I did small party with sushi in my house. I made cheesecake with my recipe with 'delicje' I don't know how it called in english and with crakers I adore my cake <3 We played Jenga- that's really funny especially after a few drinks when you have shaking hands hihi. We did cabaret with Cleo I had artificial freckles and we had night talk about life and emotional childhood. Oh and my K gave me Eiffel Tower Charm so sweet <3. And Today We were on Avatar so frantic and the Cameron has to have good head to create such crazy world.

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