niedziela, 3 stycznia 2010

Sleepover <3

My last day of my freedom is going to the end ! I wanna have longer holiday!! My K and I watched 'Gone with the wind' yesterday so beautiful and romantic film he said it was quite static but I don't agree with him ;)and of course we started fighting I love when he pretend that he's someone else ( like a bad man)I can't stop laughing then. I had sleepover in Cleo's house and her maybe future borfriend gave me a lift to her he's so polite I have just met him and I feel like I have known him for years such a nice boy hihihhihi I hope that my C will finally have sb ;* I adore night talking with Cleo we totally get on well sometimes we don't need the words. Because happy endings never bored me we saw 'Ugly truth'.The scene when she wore a vibrating pants was the best and we decided that we have to buy them too *lol* we can't miss such pleasure xD I like C, when I say: let's dance that's my favourite song we started to dance at 3 at night on ours mattresses We're two kids who love fun. Aaaaa I'm so in love with K and when I remember that scene on NYE
K: What a jackass think that when he insert a tea spoon to the bottle of champaign the sparkles wouldn't run away?
Me: I dunno but I have always thought that it's true
K: oh come on why you think so? it's such a bullshit. that has no sense.
At that moment appear our friend D
K: Did you insert that tea spoon here?
D: Yes, in order to sparkling don't run away
I can't tell you that, it was really funny ;)

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