środa, 13 lipca 2011


Hey, Hi, Hello ;****
Greetings from my Dream Holidays in Toscany;)
I had delay with public my post but I don't spend lots of time in front of vaio <3

środa, 22 czerwca 2011

session time tyryry

Tyryry Baking time ! I said I always baking when i'm in stress. You can see how madly I'm in strain cause of my exams. I'm begging my K to change my blog so maybe it will be looks better.

niedziela, 12 czerwca 2011


It's the time when everywhere I feel smell of rhubarb and cake with plenty of crumble ;) Delicious.
I dream about vacation and doing sweet nothing I mean more running and climbing.
K's waiting, I have to go

niedziela, 5 czerwca 2011

Children's Day

Children's Day is my favourite holiday <3 We spent it together in Sakana - definately my adored sushi bar. I've just fell in love in Asian home style- ascetic and simple. K&I were on the Bonsai exhibit a week ago and I'm so impressed that people can do a miracle from an ordinary tree.
Mateusz- cousin's son is keep growing. He's so sweet and charming children are so adoreable<3

środa, 18 maja 2011

Life is life nananaannaan

It's really crazy time for me. I haven't had time to published and I lend my camera;) Besides, I keep thinking about my future, what I really wanna do, what I want, I'm working and learning and running- 10 km a day- so happy. I was on the Communion last week as photog and some of photos I really like
Kisses ;***