poniedziałek, 31 maja 2010

Don't stop me now

I'm so busy right now. I worked as a Sun yesterday I mean I had special outfit ;)not first time and ladled out lollipops at the ZOO. I really like it maybe it's hard job but I have contact with other people and can laugh and cheer children and small boys want to dance with me *lol*. Finally, I bought the color- mint green. I know I wanted light pink but I changed my mind that's better and I'll buy lots of pink extras *stupidprincess*. of course I can't stop baking ;)Pretzels and Rolls with small chocolate pieces are my the newest masterpiece :P Tomorrow is the Children's Day so I have to invent sth special :**

czwartek, 27 maja 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I keep thinking what should I bake what does my mum like.. It was difficult 'cause if u know my mum, she's very challenging and everything must be perfect so I decided to do Straciatella Cake, Italian dessert she loves Italian cuisine and that was totally perfect not to sweet, melting in your mouth. And I had some poppy so I baked Poppy muffins ;)
My K is so sweet and gave me the Cookbook. All recipes are with chocolate for me wonderfully <3 He's so sweet.
So tomorrow I will definately bake sth chocolate and delicious...

poniedziałek, 24 maja 2010

engagement cake !

Not mine of course.. My cousin, Hala. I promised that I baked them the cake with poppy and white chocolate and whipped cream. Definately I like that mix ;PP I have to wait for my furniture and I have one big mess I keep looking for something new. I adore choosing new things but waiting and living in room where everything is on the floor is horrible. That's why I seldom at home now ;) I have to run to fitness <3

piątek, 21 maja 2010

What a mess!!

I feel so sleepy, K&I carry my old furniture from my bedroom to the car. I'll show you how my room will change. Tomorrow I'm gonna buy the mattress and we will testing every kind and lying on different ones. I'm excited. I baked something like donuts but flattier ;) I can't wait to see my new bed which I bought on ebay. Lalalala.
I have so many things to do and so little time I don't understand people who regret that lyceum is over. I'm totally happy that I don't have to wake up at 7 30 and run to school without coffee but The nicest thing in my school career was definately my truancy with Zycha, morning talk, chilling with shisha and drinking my favourite soya latte ok ok and I really nice take a walk down memory lane meeting with K at school :*** And now I will bring him sandwiches on the breaks *lol*

wtorek, 18 maja 2010

Shiny Happy People

I'm officially free. I have probably the longest holiday ever ;) Finally, I cut my hair, no stress. I had sleepover with Cleo and saw ' An Affair to Remember' from 1957 <3 And now I know that famous scene with true love and Empire State Building comes from The movie with charming Cary Grant. Happiness is in me ;P I took up going to aerobic again xD It was so hilarious today when the trainer was the man so strange..

Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today
James Dean -> love him in East of Eden

I just can't focus I'm so happy, in love and everything *stupid*

My Apple&Banana Tart.
Kisses :**

niedziela, 16 maja 2010

Almost vacation

My weekend was totally awesome we spent Saturday night in museums and met K neighbours. I baked my first healthy rye bread and rolls: wholewheat flour, water and salt only ;) and bought a present for myself: tart form and baked rhubarb tart with vanilla custard and I did parfait with pears and chocolate. Lots of food <3 I'm totally happy 'cause I'm starting redecorating my room and probably my story with gardening <333 I'm really excited.
See Ya :***

piątek, 14 maja 2010

just chill out

My exams are coming to the end I will have chemistry on Monday and that's my last test. I was a bit nervous and the whole family lived in pain because of me ;D So I did a supper yesterday to apologize them.Make up delicious salad with celery, parsley, garlic and mayo very simple. I have been eaten first time celery in this way *stupid* ANd of course it had to be the dessert: Panna Cotta with strawberry (but haven't taken photo yet).Today I cooked the dinner: cod with herbs and carrots with butter and did something strange between parfait and semifreddo- icing dessert but now I can't try it 'cause there is in the freezer *impatient* K is coming to me and we are having the movie night. We are going to see 'The Fountain'.
See Ya :*

niedziela, 9 maja 2010

Moments (of love)

My K is coming back tomorrow morning <333
I was on small walk with Zycha&Kasper so sweet couple- they'll probably kill me and when they see the photos I will be definately dead. I love catching the moments! maybe I'm not the best at it.. It's difficult sometimes to catch somebody's beauty. I really want to learn that.
Kisses :***

sobota, 8 maja 2010

Yoghurt cake with fruit

Finally weekend and break with my mature exams !! I was totally exhausted but for my luck my friend invited me for a sushi and I relaxed a bit :** I have just baked Yoghurt cake with fruit for my aunty's birthday which are tomorrow so unfortunately I can't eat it right now but smells awesome. I'm happy that I have lots of time for myself I really need it. K coming back on Monday :**

środa, 5 maja 2010

Chillin' with baking

I'm totally without life 'cause of that exams. I'm only baking to chillin'. It's difficult to me to sit down in one position and just thinking. I need time to walk I have to much energy ;) That's my carrots muffin with apples, cinnamon and almonds- real mix ;D and The other one is my mayo traditional cake with chocolate- I was afraid a bit because it's strange mix mayonnaise with baking but It's perfect and The most important for me: wet !
I have to admit that I'm missing my boyfriend who is in Germany right now :( :***

poniedziałek, 3 maja 2010

Slimmer Welsh Cakes

I should sleep right now but I can't. Tomorrow I'm having my mature exam and I'm a bit afraid ;P but 10 km on my pink bike helped me. I baked slimmer, spicy, crunch welsh cakes. Perfect with tea and apricot jam. I think 'bout gardening I could like it. I need to take up something new I need fresh air in my life!
Kisses ;**