piątek, 14 maja 2010

just chill out

My exams are coming to the end I will have chemistry on Monday and that's my last test. I was a bit nervous and the whole family lived in pain because of me ;D So I did a supper yesterday to apologize them.Make up delicious salad with celery, parsley, garlic and mayo very simple. I have been eaten first time celery in this way *stupid* ANd of course it had to be the dessert: Panna Cotta with strawberry (but haven't taken photo yet).Today I cooked the dinner: cod with herbs and carrots with butter and did something strange between parfait and semifreddo- icing dessert but now I can't try it 'cause there is in the freezer *impatient* K is coming to me and we are having the movie night. We are going to see 'The Fountain'.
See Ya :*

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