czwartek, 29 kwietnia 2010

French Pastry

I have totally cooking affection I must bake,feel better when I can mix spices and try is that taste properly :) Today I was so enwrapped of baking that I forgot about my graduation and of course had to be late.
Sometimes I have the days when I constantly dream about my future : job, room, house and I'm far away I like that state of mind- so magical. On the other hand, I can again and again talking and planning and I know that I will do it ! but probably it's tired for K. Probably that's 'cause I'm anxious and I keep want more although I'm really happy ;P

1 komentarz:

  1. gotowe ciasto francuskie
    masa z nutelli i masła robiłam na oko. Piec wg przepisu na opakowaniu.
    Przed pokrojeniem schłodzić minimum pół godziny