piątek, 23 kwietnia 2010

Cooking & Holiday memories

Cooking day part two-or How not to learn to mature exam xD Yeah I cooked dinner delicate butters' spinach and cod with parsley I adore spinach I can eat it everyday ;) I felt bored and had to do so I've decided to bake maringue cake but I change the recipe and it's sth like Toblerone chocolate bottom, white chocolate whipped cream and pine apples on the top ;D And I was on the walking with Cleo but she puts up with me she said I'm from fairy tale and she can't watch how happy I am and how can I be so happy in relationship [?!] Maybe I am the [pirate]princess. There are my old photos above from my Vacation in France, Provence that one in Lavender and in Cannes with Valentino window shopping,when I see that photo I always started laughing 'cause I bring to mind 'Confessions Of a Shopaholic'
u know I Love u :*

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