niedziela, 21 marca 2010

Totally busy week

I had totally busy week I sightsaw Warsaw with Cleo I definately prefer Wroclaw than our capitol. We had very hectic schedule. the most interesting was 'Metro' performance in Buffo. I adore Theatre Ballet and Opera and when everything is mixed then I love it !! We were in Seym nothing interesting maybe that I'm not keen on politic. I like Warsaw Mermaid but she has small tits xD and I'm proud of my new mint green thongs from TOP SHOP*crazy* When I came to my home I was extremaly tired but There was worth it xD We had with K guite lazy Saturday we just walking around Ostrów Tumski and taking plenty of photos <3333
Cleo and I had sleepover and I was a bit drunk- Tequila Sunrise is quilty and my head too!! We had ' Bezsenność' in her house *rolling on the floor*.
And 2day K&I was on the "Interior Festival" and we watched fabulous furniture and fountains to our future house yhym ;)And he gave me sweet heart necklace :*****
BTW that's my new favourite photo of K <3

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