niedziela, 25 lipca 2010

Lunch with K

I feel so relaxed..I spent day with K and my kitchen <3. He brought projector and we had cinema in my house <3 We saw '9'- scary fairy and he laughed at me 'cause I jump up on the horrible scenes and then he hugged me. We ate lunch: greek salad with original feta and yeast buns with nut's butter and nutella and I did bananas' ice cream and Pavlova with chocolate and bananas and Tiramisu ice cream- dessert- but they are in freezer right now <3 I can't wait to eat them *lol* and I did a hot chocolate so many chocolate things..but I decided that I'm ending with doing desserts it's not healthy for me and my family I should cut it down. So probably I'll bake sth on the special occasion xD I'm starting cooking it's a big challenge for me ! Tomorrow I upload my latest desserts' photo I hope so. Oh and K is the best barman in the world he's doing the best drinks I have ever drunk <3

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