niedziela, 2 stycznia 2011

Happy 2011

Lalalalal Happy 2011! My New Years Eve was very relaxed with my best friends Zycha& Kasper and with my K of course <3 We ate Zucchini cream soup, pizza,Pischinger-especially for me :) salad and 3 chocolate cakes, yes we're totally chocoholics. My sweet Z was born 20 years ago on the 31 December :). I reckon that Jenga is our tradition, it's definately hit !! I haven't had any new years wishes I don't believe in that, if I want change sth in my life I' ll do it immy. Besides, I'm really happy right now. I would like to really thanks for:
* Parents- I'm thankful that they brought me up, show me what's good and bad
* My boyfriend who is the best person I have ever met, patient my beloved.
* My charming sister. We'll be the best friends in future.
* Faith- in people, god, in ourselves, just faith
* Family and friends who really supported me.
* Ice skating- I'm in love with them
* Carrot Juice and fruit, vegetable- so good
* Cakes and sweets
* Everything.
Kisses :*

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