wtorek, 18 stycznia 2011


Last Saturday I went to the prom with my lovely K :) It was my firth one. I was really excited, finally I could wear my high heels and princess dress which I adore *superficial* I love such parties when men wear tuxedo <3 I did plenty of photos to people from his class so I pretend I'm a photographer. The nice surprise were raw vegetable and fruits on the swedish buffet <3 Recently, I start my day with carrot juice- better than coffee! Maybe that's why my skin is so peachy. and I'm smitten with fresh fruits& vegetable. I met my bf Claudia who was with her nice friend.
I should learn machine devices, there's hard time on my studies and I really don't have time even on my K or iceskates.
Wish me good luck tomorrow :***

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