poniedziałek, 30 sierpnia 2010

France, France

I have to say that food in France had big meaning to me, cause I'm fascinated in France particular in Provence where I was last year and can't forget<3 France is divide on different cantons this year I was in Normandy which is famous for Camemberts,Livarots, delicious milk and yoghurts and Brittany where u can eat frutti di mare like mule in curry sauce,galettes (pancake from buckwheat flour for example with fried egg and a ham) and pancakes with sweet things. I tried fatty kouign aman and really like it sth like donut- much better<3 and we shouldn't forget 'bout Cidre- sth like apple wine but that triple has only 5% of alcohol so it's perfect for me ;). Etretat is definately worth seeing, known as alabaster coast, lots of painters spent their days on perpetuate such lovely view for example Monet, Corot.
St Michael is a rocky tidal island. Plenty of pelegrination visit that place every year. Maybe one day I will one of them :P What I can say I'm in love in France<3

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