poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Easter time !

Easter is the time which I adore- I know nowadays people don't like christian holidays and don't celebrate such things but I love smell of yeast cakes, making Easter eggs, spending time with my family on picnics and playing babington <3 The Whole Saturday I baking cakes with my favourite auntie<3 K and I scraped eggs- he's really talented scraper :)Total chill out.
Recently I became a Vegan funny experience not to eat eggs on Easter. My family thinks I'm crazy maybe I'm, maybe I know too much about unhealthy way of killing animals and next process and what chicken eat and so on. I miss Chateau and Lindt Chocolate ;( but that's it ;)It's really dangerous giving me money when you know that there is an Eco mart on the market. Much better than buying new clothes.

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