sobota, 6 lutego 2010


My Prom was totally perfect :***** thanks to my sweet K. He gave me a pink rose and a beautiful keyflower on my hand. We suited together ;) I had a small deja vu from primary school when we danced 'Polonez' together <3 I can't imagine that night better !! I was so happy and didn't see anybody beyond my bf, I'm proud of him because we danced almost all night and he claim that he can't dance but that is not true ;** I have never ever been happier ;P Unfortunately I haven't had photos yet but I will soon lalalalalal xD I made Tiramisu today for my family party, everybody say that I should open the cake shop :D so maybe one day u will hear sth about my cooking talent *modest* And to my sis I had a bra on that photo my little bunny ;* ;)

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