piątek, 4 lutego 2011

Hey, do you want juice?

Yesterday was the 21 anniversary of my parents wedding <3333 I cooked spinach soup and baked Pavlova- I'm in love with that cake something amazing: white meringue, mascarpone cheese with whipped cream and fruits. I'll bake Pavlova on my wedding ! I had lots of egg yolks so baked creme brulee too but without caramelised sugar :(. I'm reading 'Northanger Abbey',feel like people from 'The Jane Austen Book Club'. Since had juicer there is no day without juice- my new love ! Delicious ! Come to me and design your own juice ;) My new obsession: Say yes to Carrots cream. I threw away my old cosmetics because of parabens, aluminium and paraffin and tomorrow sauna session can't wait ! <3

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