niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

Kraków here I come !

I've just come back from Kraków- lovely city. Plenty of restaurants with delicious cuisine <3 One of Cleo & I custom is travelling and sightseeing different cities. First was Warsaw, now Kraków and we' re having plan to c Toruń soon- gingerbreads <3 Hotel with sauna and I'm happy. Europejski Hotel was one of those which I like. Interior in gold, colorful parrots in reception, full of paintings but that wasn't important at all. Just talking, walking, laughing- adore that feeling, know sth new like Jewish quarter and 'Galicja' museum.'Intymność' was the best performing art I've ever seen, wonderful actors acting. Masterpiece.
Tomorrow I'm starting my second semester so have to go sleep. Winter break was too short. Kisses <3;**

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