poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2009


!I almost forgot..We came back to Wro at 6 am so we couldn't went home (our parents believe in perfect lie- of course- that we have sleepover<3)That's why Z. and I found place to sleep in McDonald like the dirty homeless xD and I have to admit that I really love my bed now ! I'm happy because I have my own room my own bed and it's really uncomfortable to sleep on the small chair after almost 3ours in the train ;P but we had adventure!! I can't believe that I changed so much. I was the biggest rebel I have ever met I used to truancy I haven't spoke to my parents and they haven't known where I am. I used to go to the psychologist- what I memory rather nice ;) and now ? wow I'm listen to the classical music, cook and what can I say..I'm a good girl ! :P

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  1. Of course! We are good girls, really good girls, totally and absolutely good girls... with the horns in our hair...