niedziela, 6 grudnia 2009

Santa Claus Day

That was fabulous day I got Marylin Monroe Mug from Leonardo Collection which I adore and pyjamas with Hello Kitty perfect on cold evenings luv oysho and lots of christmas balls with chocolate inside-Lindt pralines <3 and other stuff. K and I made sushi we prefer cooking together than going to restaurants what i really appreciate, that's much more fun and I can create something totally new like mozzarella in maki ; ) I prepar pears with gorgonzola cheese- Italian dessert yummy ! !worship italian and french cuisine- delicious and Paris is city of love and fashion and french loafs and mould cheese. I miss Zycha and her crazy virgin stories ; * oh and I bought my dream violet ballet skirt I always would like to have one and my dream come true :P That's my princess bed ;) hihi

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