niedziela, 13 grudnia 2009

Trip to Pzn

Zycha and I were in Pzn for the weekend that was back to good old crazy days...but unfortunately we changed and I reckon that we're more adult and responsible than b4 xD My camera is like a new toy for the children. I keep find sth new and take pictures to everything xD Z. is my model number one :)I love you so much my little honey bunny xD Our trip was a bit fiaskoo but People learn from their mistakes!right?;> we were on the paszczak's concert he's guite good (onthelastphoto DJ Paszczak xD)

sweater: Benetton
Tshirt: H&M
Skirt: P&B
Tights: Calzedonia
Necklace:P&B but my sweet K add new things to the necklace
shoes: Stradivarius
scarf: Solar
Kisses:* and tomorrow I annex more photos

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  1. Oooh yes, it was really good and very instructive lesson of life, but I think that this lesson was very much needed and I'm happy that we received it, I'm really happy...
    The concert was amazing and... I lack the words ;]
    psychedelic trance... psychedelic trance... I love it !! xD
    Big bow for Pashi and the rest of the crew! I love U too ;]
    Si si!! My A. and her new camera... I heard at all times, only click click... click click...
    I love U too, but I definitely much more ;]